Long Term Leasing

Leasing of 6 months or longer.


Fees: 10% of the Gross Lease for the first year. 5% of the Gross Lease for the same tenant renewal for every year thereafter 

Sea Haven’s Responsibilities

Consult with owner on preparing property for rental 

Advertise – i.e. website, social media 

Schedule appointments and show the property 

Screen tenants – i.e. rental application with background & credit checks 

Prepare lease and all necessary documents 

Coordinate move in – keys, utility changes, etc. 

Inventory home before move in (pictures are taken prior to move in) 

Owner’s Responsibilities

Prepare property for rental  

Make property available for showing 

Provide keys and/or keyless code (unit keys / mailbox key) 

Provide homeowner’s association / condo association contact information and/or documents

Obtain a Local Business Tax License for your rental property (fee paid by owner) 

Sea Haven’s Initial Leasing Fee will be deducted from the initial funds collected from the tenant. Any requested additional management services would be subject to a $25.00 per hour fee. 

Property Management

Management of long term rentals.


Fees: 8% of the monthly rent / Management fee will be deducted monthly. 

Sea Haven’s Responsibilities

Collect rents each month 

Collect utilities each month, if necessary 

Provide a monthly statement to owner 

Oversee repairs and/or improvements 

Completely isolate owner from tenant 

Agent is tenant’s 24-hour contact person 

Obtain a Local Business Tax License for your rental property (fee paid by owner) 

Owner’s Responsibilities

Be available for consultation for major repairs